Ipas Africa Alliance Director: Dr. Ernest Nyamato

In Kenya, unsafe abortion has long been recognized as a leading cause of death and injury for women. Under the new Kenyan constitution, abortion is legal under certain circumstances, but many providers have still not been trained in safe abortion care, and women continue to seek unsafe procedures and suffer complications. In neighboring Uganda, abortion-related causes account for 26 percent of maternal deaths, and most women who have abortions undergo unsafe procedures.

Ipas Africa Alliance for Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights works in Kenya and Uganda—and with regional East Africa partners—to reduce deaths from unsafe abortion, to expand the availability of safe abortion care, and to improve the legal and policy environment for safe abortion across the continent. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Ipas Africa Alliance has programs to train safe abortion providers, support health clinics that offer abortion services, and develop youth champions for sexual and reproductive rights. In Uganda, programs also support comprehensive sexuality education that includes safe abortion, and Ipas Africa Alliance has worked with Uganda’s Ministry of Health Reproductive Division and a team of other partners to develop national standards and guidelines for reducing death and injury from unsafe abortion.

‘I grew up in a community where the education of girls is not a priority, seeing very brilliant girls’ dreams shattered because they had to drop out of school from pregnancy or lack of fees.’
Moraa Beryl, champion of youth reproductive rights in Kenya

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