Each year, 25 million women and girls around the world have unsafe abortions. We’re working to bring that number to zero.

Ipas is the only international organization solely focused on expanding access to safe abortion and contraceptive care. Across Africa, Asia and Latin America, we work with partners to train abortion providers, connect women with vital information so they can access services, and to advocate for safe, legal abortion.

Our work is urgent

44,000 women and girls die each year from unsafe abortions, and millions more suffer serious, often permanent injuries. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Around the world, our programs strive to improve reproductive health services for women and girls, increase their access to these services, and expand their sexual and reproductive rights.

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Our impact in FY 2018


Women and girls received abortion care at Ipas-supported facilities


Contraceptive care methods—including postabortion and standalone—provided


People learned about safe abortion in workshops, trainings and other activities

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We 🧡 reproductive care for rural women

The International Day of Rural Women, observed on October 15 each year, is an important reminder that women and girls living in rural areas face additional barriers in accessing safe abortion care, putting them at higher risk of having an unsafe abortion.

Women dance and celebrate

Ipas is committed to breaking down these barriers! In countries such as Nepal, we are turning this commitment into action. Read the story of a remarkable collaborative effort involving community members, government health officials, Ipas and partners that brought safe abortion services to the Mugu District, one of the most rugged and remote areas of Nepal.

Advancing gender equity

Men can play a crucial role—as partners, family members, community leaders and professionals—in expanding women’s access to safe abortion.
See how we’re making this a reality in Ghana, India and Bolivia.

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