An estimated 26 million women and girls of reproductive age are living in humanitarian settings around the world, yet they often have little or no access to contraception and safe abortion care. We’re working with international humanitarian organizations to fill that gap and ensure women and girls affected by crisis have reproductive health options that include safe abortion and contraception.

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Essential health care

At a health center in the refugee camp where Noor was living, she was able to safely end her unwanted pregnancy that was the result of sexual assault as she fled her village in Myanmar.
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A basic necessity in any crisis

Reproductive health care is a basic necessity for women and girls in humanitarian settings, but all too often services are not available. We need to open our eyes to this problem and take action to ensure the care they need is provided.
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In Pakistan, Ipas and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) partnered to conduct trainings focused on one of the major barriers to the provision of abortion care in humanitarian settings—the stigma surrounding abortion and a lack of knowledge about the abortion procedure and its legal status.

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