Ipas Mexico app helps providers access safe abortion information

By Laura Andrade 

A new app released last week by Ipas Mexico will make it easier for health-care providers and abortion service providers to access information about safe abortion. “Ipas App Mx” offers user-friendly, visually engaging digital tools designed to educate providers and decrease women’s barriers to accessing safe abortion. The free app, which is in Spanish and only available in Mexico, can be found on the online stores for Android and iOS.  

The app contains four informational and interactive modules:  

  1. The regulatory framework for legal abortion in Mexico;  
  2. Technologies recommended to perform safe abortion procedures; 
  3. Postabortion contraceptive methods; 
  4. Abortion-related social stigma.  

Users will also find information about Ipas Mexico’s mission and vision, safe abortion challenges in the country and a map with the locations of the 13 clinics—part of Mexico City’s legal abortion program—where women in Mexico can access safe, free and legal abortion. The app highlights materials including Ipas’s 2018 Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health, the interactive version of Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, a tutorial video on manual vacuum aspiration, a medical abortion video and several publications on stigma.    

For more information, contact media@ipas.org.

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