Frequently asked questions

How do I honor or memorialize someone with my gift?

What a great idea! When you make a gift on our website, you may check the box that says “My gift is in honor of someone special.” This will allow you to indicate in whose honor or memory you are making your donation. If you make a gift another way, you may tell us in a note or email that accompanies your gift. We will notify your honoree or the family of the person you’re memorializing if you wish…

How do I make a monthly recurring donation?

When you make a gift on our website, simply click the “Donate monthly” button. If you give another way, such as through your bank, financial advisor or community foundation, you can instruct them to send gifts to Ipas monthly or quarterly, as you choose. We will send you an acknowledgement letter right away, and another letter at the end of the year listing your cumulative gift.

How do I make a gift of stock?

Donating stock is a cost-effective and high-impact way to give to Ipas that benefits you and Ipas at the same time! Your financial advisor can tell you about your options and the benefits. Please let us know of your plans so we can look for your gift to arrive.

How do I make a planned gift?

Making a long-term commitment to Ipas ensures that you can continue to help women and girls access safe abortion and contraception for decades to come, even after your own lifetime. You can make a planned gift by naming Ipas as a beneficiary in your will, a life insurance policy, a 401K plan or other publicly traded stock or closely held business interests. Learn more.

Can I designate my gift for a specific Ipas program?

Yes, you may specify your intention in a message or note with your gift, or on your donation check itself. Otherwise, your gift will go into a general fund that helps Ipas remain nimble and respond quickly to new opportunities to help women and girls.

Can I sign up to receive news about Ipas’s work?

Yes, we’d love to keep you informed with important news from the field and the latest successes and challenges in our work. If you’re a health-care, public health or policy professional working in safe abortion care, we also have special emails for you. Sign up here.

Are there fundraising events for Ipas that I can attend?

We are constantly scheduling small, private events in new cities around the United States. Please contact us and tell us where you live so we can invite you to a gathering in your area.

Can I host a fundraising event for Ipas?

Thank you for your interest in helping us in this way! Please contact us so we can start talking about it.

How is Ipas different from other organizations I might support?

Ipas is the only international organization solely focused on expanding access to safe abortion and contraceptive care. Across Africa, Asia and Latin America, we work with partners to train abortion providers, connect women with vital information so they can access services, and to advocate for safe, legal abortion.

More about giving to Ipas

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