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Where We Work

Unsafe abortion continues to take women's lives everywhere—in nations from Bolivia to South Africa. To combat this underrecognized public health crisis, Ipas has offices on four continents and in countries with significant levels of abortion-related maternal mortality. We also maintain a presence in more than 20 other countries, where we train and equip health-care workers and systems to provide safe abortion care.

Where We Work
  • Africa


    The risk of death from unsafe abortion is higher in Africa than in any other region. According to WHO, more than 6 million unsafe abortions occur in Africa each year, resulting in 29,000 deaths—far more than half of the world’s ... More »

  • Asia


    Women experience varying degrees of reproductive freedom on the vast, diverse continent of Asia. Abortion laws are very restrictive in countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar but more progressive in Vietnam and China. Liberal abortion laws, ... More »

  • The Americas


    Some of the most restrictive abortion policies in the world are in effect in countries in Central and South America. Most Latin American countries permit abortion only to save a woman’s life, with Nicaragua, El Salvador and Chile ... More »

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